On-line RSVP Registration & Confirmation
MYVIPRSVP provides instant online registrations and confirmations, removing the need to manually manage the guest list and thus creating a seamless RSVP experience for invited guests and the event production company.

Custom URL & E-mail
Custom web URL and e-mail specific to your event or venue.
www.EVENTNAME.myviprsvp.com / eventname@myviprsvp.com

Custom Branded Event Website
Image is everything and you want to make a lasting FIRST impression when marketing to your captive audience. MYVIPRSVP provides a customized event management solution that will convey a sophisticated brand message to invited guests, clients, colleagues and sponsors.

Custom Design, Video & Audio
No more out-of-the box email invitations or event websites. Unlike other event management tools, our system doesn’t force you to use boring templates; instead you can completely customize the look and feel specific to the theme of your event or brand identity. MYVIPRSVP also incorporates audio, video, flash and animation elements to maximize the visual impact and appeal.

Turn-key List Management
Get real time event statistics to monitor confirmed RSVP guests and set your attendance capacity to automatically close the event RSVP registration once you reach the limit. When your list has been finalized and closed, MYVIPRSVP will provide a printable alphabetized list of the confirmed guests to help facilitate organized entry into your event.

Seamless Data Collection
MYVIPRSVP provides a non-intrusive data collection solution for event producers, sponsors and clients. As guests RSVP to the event, their Name/Company/E-mail is collected, organized and included in the final guest list. The system will produce (2) versions of the final guest list, one with E-mail and Company Info and one without. The e-mails are YOUR property! MYVIPRSVP does not share or sell e-mails to a third party.

Automated Payment Gateway
Our automated payment gateway eliminates the headache of manually collecting and processing pre-event payments or voluntary donations. MYVIPRSVP automatically processes payments or donations electronically via PayPal, immediately depositing the funds collected directly to YOUR PayPal account.